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Protecting your privacy is paramount to OnGuard. This privacy statement provides information about the data that OnGuard collects and manages, the ways in which this data is used to deliver these services, and the security practices we follow to keep it secure. The first level of our security to ensure your privacy is 2048 bit encryption of data delivered securely between mobile devices carried by users with the OnGuard mobile application and OnGuard Services hosted by OnGuard and Google.

Collection of Data

The OnGuard Smartphone application is a user “opt-in” product, which means users give express permission to OnGuard to collect certain types of information directly from their mobile devices for the purpose of delivering our service. To deliver the highest levels of service possible we regularly collect location information via the GPS on your mobile device and when GPS location is unavailable, such as inside buildings, we use other means to estimate the location of your mobile device using bluetooth beacons (if configured).

Service delivery requires your mobile device to be connected wirelessly to a mobile network, or Wi-Fi, and the quality of this connection determines whether the wireless service available will support OnGuard service delivery.

OnGuard has partnered with (MMC) to provide visibility into the wireless availability/coverage for our users. With MMC implemented in the OnGuard client (Android only) as a library, MMC regularly and anonymously gathers mobile network performance data from your mobile device and this is contributed to a database where other anonymous users are also contributing such data. This aggregated data is then used to determine when your device may soon enter or possibly be in an area where wireless connectivity is insufficient for service delivery.

Examples of aggregated data gathered from a compilation of many users are; general RF coverage details, when and where dropped calls or lost data connections occur or other RF anomalies that may contribute to poor wireless connection conditions. Coverage information is provided back to OnGuard as image overlays to render over the OnGuard Web ERC maps giving dispatchers visibility into areas of good and poor coverage for individual wireless carriers.

Data that is collected relating to the operation of your mobile device and its location:

  • Dropped calls, failed calls, no coverage events,
  • RSCP, PSC, Bit Error Rate
  • Ec/Io, signal strength, cell ID, LAC, timestamp, event type, duration, battery charge
  • GPS measurements: latitude/longitude, speed, heading, uncertainty, altitude
  • Data speed rate (upload and download speeds) MCC, MNC, IMSI, IMEI, phone number, handset manufacturer and model.

Personal Information

Examples of personal data gathered that is unique to each user and their device are; mobile number, network IMSI, device IMEI, location information and the email address given by user at the time of registration. OnGuard makes no effort to identify a user beyond what is required to deliver our service. OnGuard makes no effort to in any way to use personal data provided other than for the purpose of uniquely recognizing the user for the purposes of delivering the service. OnGuard provides each user a dedicated area within the mobile client to enter personal medical information that may be essential in the event of an emergency. This data may (optionally) be presented in the foreground of the OnGuard client on screen in the event of a personal alert, such as a Panic or Man-Down event.

OnGuard will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data. OnGuard will store all the personal data you provide on its secure servers and take all reasonable precautions to ensure that this data cannot be accessed by third parties.

Corporate Data Retention and Compliance Requirements

Every end user of the OnGuard Service may have their personal information, including location updates and associated lone worker status updates downloaded by their employer. The amount of data being retained may vary based on the data retention and compliance requirements that may apply in the jurisdiction where the end user works, where the employer is based or may be governed by the lone worker compliance laws in the jurisdiction where the OnGuard service is or was being used.

Sharing information with third parties

OnGuard does not share personal data with unrelated third parties. Aggregated anonymous data may be shared with third parties, such as mobile operators or may be used commercially for the purposes of improving the service those operators deliver. OnGuard accepts no responsibility for any data that a user should choose to share with any third party not related to the delivery of OnGuard services.

Cross-border data transfers

Information that OnGuard collects may be stored and processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which OnGuard operates to enable the use of the data for the purposes of delivering the service and in accordance with this privacy policy. You agree to such cross-border transfers of personal data.

Information Requests and Data Removal

Any user on the OnGuard system can request a copy of their data by sending an email to [email protected] To qualify for these requests you may have to prove your identity and or rights to the data. Data that may have been shared with your employer for compliance and regulatory purposes must be requested direct from your employer and is outside the scope of this agreement.

Updating this statement

OnGuard may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on our website or updating the privacy policy on your device. This privacy policy will always be available on the your mobile device from the application menu on the Settings tab. You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any changes. We also encourage you to review our Terms and Conditions to understand how these could affect you.

Contact OnGuard

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or OnGuard’s handling of your personal information, please send attention to OnGuard Lone Safety Compliance Officer by email to [email protected] or by mail to OnGuard Lone Safety 11141 – 15th Street NE, Calgary, AB, T3K 0Z5

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