Working at Height Lone Worker Monitoring System

OnGuard For Personal Safety For Working at Height

Every time a worker needs to proceed above ground level and where there is a risk of injury from a fall. Precautions must be taken to ensure worker safety and one of those precautions is OnGuard's "Man Down Fall Detection" where a fall can be detected in less than 1 meter, and an alert notification will be made to the Web ERC monitoring center. Being able to understand if a worker has fallen and provide instant access to hands free communication, motion detection and the ability to dispatch assistance ALL AT THE SAME TIME could be the difference between a good outcome and a tragedy. Too many times a fall will go undetected on a construction site and by the time the worker is found, it is too late. OnGuard's instant notification and hands free PTT Emergency Communications (E-Comms) are the cornerstone of a successful response.

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