Transportation Lone Worker System

OnGuard For Personal Safety For Transportation

Mechanical failures, accidents, robbery and stress related events can affect anyone at any time in the transportation industry. When an incident occurs, OnGuard can provide a clear understanding of where the incident occurred, and if there is any immediate threat. With the push of a button, a panic alert can be sent that will pinpoint the location of the distress. OnGuard uses “Significant Movement” technology to determine that a vehicle is travelling, which ensures that a driver will automatically be checked in on their schedule as long as the vehicle is in motion; no need to handle the phone or push any buttons.

With a robust set of features, designed to protect Drivers, the OnGuard Lone Worker system can really save lives. From Fall Detection, Mobile Hazard Alerting, Panic Button and Man Idle Detection, OnGuard can do it all. OnGuard’s Hazardous Location Mode, prompts the worker to check-in on a timed interval, creating a “Proof of Life” check-in that defines that the worker is OK and continuing to work. When this feature is automated for drivers in transit, it gives peace of mind knowing that they are protected while travelling.

Integrated Push to Talk communication, provides the worker further protection by having an instant link that turns the cellular device into a high-performance walkie talkie. When a panic or fall has been detected, a PTT emergency channel is automatically opened, and communication can be initiated to determine the condition of the worker.

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