Security Lone Worker Monitoring System

How Security Guards Can Use OnGuard For Personal Safety

Security guards are constantly being exposed to potentially dangerous situations during the course of their regular duties. The nature of their work requires them to work alone, often in hazardous areas that are unpredictable and can become violent simply because of their presence.

Recently, an increase in violence against security guards has been noticed. The constant threat looms over every security guard as they enter into unpredictable situations daily.

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When a Security Guard encounters a dangerous situation, they can immediately summon help with the push of a button. With our lone worker systems in place, a discrete emergency button will send a Panic Alert to the OnGuard system opening an instant communication channel through either conventional telephone or Push to Talk. The location and well-being of the Security Guard are instantly transmitted to supervisory staff or a monitoring centre.

The OnGuard app allows a lone worker to use a geofence feature to place a location-based virtual fence around an address or any point on a map. This fence can have attributes attached to it that will trigger when the lone worker enters or exits this geofence. Security guards can create geofences in advance of scheduled stops so they will automatically be placed into HazLoc mode as they arrive at each location then taken out of HazLoc when they leave. OnGuard Hazardous Location Mode prompts the lone worker to manually acknowledge they are OK when a timed prompt pops up on screen. This tap then sends a check-in to the OnGuard system with the status and location of that check-in. If the prompt goes unacknowledged the HazLoc state escalates to Panic and automatically triggers an alert to everyone in the lone worker group and the OnGuard Web ERC. An optional 24/7 monitoring company can also be notified to handle the alert and dispatch local authorities.

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