Building Maintenance Monitoring System

OnGuard For Personal Safety in Building Maintenance

Climbing ladders, walking on roofs and working in extreme temperatures exposes building maintenance personnel to many dangers. When a worker has to perform maintenance on a building system, they are often alone and isolated, so having notification and communication is critical. Falls, slips, overexertion, and cardiac emergencies are common in the maintenance sector. OnGuard can help create more awareness, provide instant notification in the event of a fall or idle detection, and also identify the exact location of the injured worker, even indoors with no GPS!

With a robust set of features, designed to protect maintenance workers, the OnGuard system can really save lives. From Fall Detection, Mobile Hazard Alerting, Panic Button and Man Idle Detection, OnGuard can do it all. OnGuard’s Hazardous Location Mode, prompts the worker to check-in on a timed interval, creating a “Proof of Life” check-in that defines that the worker is OK and continuing to work. This feature can significantly improve overall safety and awareness.

Integrated Push to Talk communication, provides the worker further protection by having an instant link that turns the cellular device into a high-performance walkie talkie. When a panic or fall has been detected, a PTT emergency channel is automatically opened, and communication can be initiated to determine the condition of the worker.

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